Juliette & Chocolat

Juliette Brun est la fondatrice et présidente de Juliette & Chocolat.

Juliette Brun is the founder and president of Juliette & Chocolat

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Sweet success: Juliette et Chocolat 'ready to franchise' and expand into Ontario

In 15 years, Montreal confectionary chain Juliette et Chocolat has gone from baking 10 brownies a day to 5,000. Now they have ambitious plans to satisfy even more sweet tooths. After years of slow and steady growth since opening their first location on St-Denis St.

Feu vert aux franchises pour Juliette & Chocolat | Isabelle Massé | PME

Une invitante odeur de chocolat risque de se répandre dans la province ! Quinze ans après l'ouverture de leur première crêperie-boutique, rue Saint-Denis, à Montréal, les fondateurs de Juliette & Chocolat sont prêts à étendre leur modèle d'affaires aux franchises.

The story behind Juliette et Chocolat | Watch News Videos Online

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a box of chocolates. As Global's Amanda Jelowicki found out, it's probably safe to say there are few people in Montreal who like chocolate more than Juliette Brun, of Juliette et Chocolat.

Juliette Brun de Juliette & Chocolat, en interview avec Isabelle Racicot à "La Belle Gang".

Juliette Brun est la fondatrice de Juliette & Chocolat. Mère de 5 enfants, elle dirige l'entreprise - qui compte plusieurs succursales - avec son mari. Un behind-the-scenes d'une journée typique. Juliette Brun is the founder of Juliette & Chocolat. A mother of 5, she heads the company - which has many locations - with her husband.

Juliet et Chocolat's secret ingredient? Strongly held values - Juliette Brun's Story

Given her last name and her sweet tooth, it seems Juliette Brun was fated to build an empire based on chocolate. But the businesswoman behind Juliette et Chocolat is not just a foodie-the entrepreneur also has an insatiable appetite for growth. Even when she was a student at McGill, Juliette Brun thought about working for herself.