Montreal Gazette

Opinion: In 2019, older women will be leading the way

A few months ago, I had lunch with a wonderful woman named Louise. A mutual friend had put us in touch, and suggested that we meet. Louise had spent decades heading the communications departments of two very large Quebec institutions.

Opinion: Dominique Anglade is simply qualified, with no need for qualifiers

When Premier Philippe Couillard recently reshuffled his cabinet - a move some qualified as a simple game of musical chairs - he named Dominique Anglade as deputy premier. Anglade, a friend of mine, happens to be black. I was delighted to see no brouhaha was made about her ethnicity.

Whisky is having its moment in the sun

Whisky is enjoying a renaissance. From Hollywood to your neighbourhood bar, the profile of the typical whisky drinker is evolving - and not just because of its distinctive flavours. "You drink Scotch?" U.S. President Fitzgerald Grant asks his press secretary, Abby Whelan, in a scene from ABC's politico-drama Scandal.